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Osmosis Pigmentation Kit

Original price was: $76.00.Current price is: $45.60.


  • Our Deluxe Trial Sets feature an airless pump component. Slowly depress the pump 3-4 times to load the product into the pump.
  • Our Deluxe Trial Kits are perfect for weekend get-a-way’s or to keep at the office to do a mid-day skin refresh!

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Want to enjoy skin that looks bright and balanced?

Great for dry, pigmented/melasma, and Aging skin.

Includes: Purify, Rescue, Catalyst AC-11, Infuse, Quench, and Lip Balm

STEP 1: Cleanse skin with Purify.
STEP 2: Apply 1 pump of Rescue and gently massage into skin.
STEP 3: Combine a small amount of Infuse (3-5 sprays) with 1 pump of Catalyst AC-11 and gently massage into skin.
STEP 4: Moisturize skin with 1 pump of Quench.
STEP 5: Apply Pure directly onto the lips, rubbing together to disperse product.
STEP 6: Enjoy skin that looks bright and balanced!


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